Frequently asked questions


Can I work from any location?

You can work from anywhere in the U.S. except the following States: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Wisconsin.

How do I know that this is not a scam?

We understand that there are a lot of "Work-from-Home" opportunities that are not legitimate. It can be a challenge to find out which ones are real and which ones are not. We at The Richland Group partnered with Arise in hopes of giving our contractors even more security. Arise has a history of providing real work opportunities and has been doing so for decades. We ensure that all parties sign the necessary contracts and agreements. This protects everyone. We also keep our lines of communication open and make ourselves very accessible. At anytime we can provide references. You can speak to agents that have been working with The Richland Group for years. They can attest to our legitimacy and that we always PAY ON TIME.

Why should I work for The Richland Group?

We are dedicated to helping our contractors succeed. We really do care about our team members and have proven we are here to support. We often respond to e-mails throughout the weekend and after hours to insure our contractors know they are not alone. We also insure that we have the proper system in place to make sure our agents are paid and are paid ON TIME.

How can I switch to The Richland Group as my IBO?

If you are affiliated with a different Arise company and want to switch to The Richland Group, you must first contact the company and ask to be released. The company must drop you on their Arise dashboard before you can join our company. Once this is complete you should have the option to:

(1) Click on the link that says Join an Arise-Affiliated Corporation.
(2) Now enter the IB ID number for The Richland Group (86846).

If you have an active SOW with the affiliated company you will need to wait until it is complete. A Statement of Work (SOW) is an agreement between the company and Arise . Therefore, any change in the affiliation between the Call Center Company and the Agent would require an issuance of a new Statement of Work (SOW) between Arise and the call center company.

What is The Richland Group's IB ID? 86846

The Richland Group's IB ID is 86846? This is the only number you need to join our company. If a FEIN or Tax ID# is requested, you must be released from any previous Arise Company before joining The Richland Group.

Why can't I find The Richland Group in Arise?

The Richland Group is an Arise partner a/k/a an IBO. You are most likely entering our CSPID not our IB ID. Our IB ID is 86846.

What if I have an old Arise profile and can't log-in to the system?

If you have an old Arise profile or the system recognizes your SSN and you can't log-in, you will need to send an email to requesting that they "reset your profile because you can not log-in". You can not have two profiles on the sytem.

How long does it take for The Richland Group to approve my request to join?

Joining The Richland Group is a TWO step process and typically happens in a few hours. FIRST: Once you input our IB ID#86846 we will Accept your request by the end of the business day. Often this is within the hour. SECOND: After we have accepted your request, please return to your Arise dashboard scroll to the bottom and "VIEW and SIGN" the NDAgreements. Once this is complete we can finalize your request.

What if I have issues using the Arise portal?

If you are having system issues, you can always click on the "Online Help" or "Support" tab found in the upper right of your Arise dashboard. This will allow you to access AVA "Arise Virtual Assistant" and start a chat. If your questions aren't answered by the general responses, you can select "None of the Above" to be linked to a live agent in Admissions Support, Enrollment Support, Partner Support or Tech Support. Please select the department most related to your issue. For example if you are having trouble enrolling in a Enrollment Support.

When do I complete the Background Check and Voice Assessment?

This varies for each individual agent and the client they select. Some agents are requested to complete a Background Check upon creating a profile. Agents that have been on the platform may be requested to complete the Background Check after selecting a client. The Voice/Language Assessment requirements also vary. You will receive an email and notice on your dashboard prompting you for both. While you are waiting, be sure to select the Voice Assessment Prep on our website to prepare before taking the actual Voice Assessment. If you do not pass the Voice Assessment you may have to wait 30 days before you have the opportunity to take it again.

What equipment will I need?

If you have registered with The Richland Group, you should've received a copy of the Arise System and Equipment Policy via e-mail. This provides the PC and Mac Requirements as well as Accessories, Software and Internet/Phone Requirements. Also, your client's Opportunity Announcement will specify the equipment needed to service. We can make recommendations if you are having difficulty.


What is an interval?

An interval is a 30 minute time slot. If you read on an Opportunity Annoucement that a client requires a minimum of 30 intervals. This means you must work a minimum of 15 hours.

What is an Opportunity Announcement?

When you see clients listed on your Arise Dashboard, you can select "Info" next to the client to read the details about that client. These details include: Certification Class Dates and Times, Service Intervals Required, Equipment Needed and general information about the opportunity. This document is called the "Opportunity Announcement". We encourage you to keep a copy of this for the client that you select.

What Equipment Will I Need to Service a Client?

If you have registered with The Richland Group, you should've received a copy of the Arise System and Equipment Policy via e-mail. This provides the PC and Mac Requirements as well as Accessories, Software and Internet/Phone Requirements. Also, your client's Opportunity Announcement will specify the equipment needed to service.

When are Certification Classes Held?

The Opportunity Announcement for each client will specify the dates and times of their Online Certification Course. Most clients offer online classes in the daytime as well as the evening. Attending these online classes are mandatory.

What if I can't attend all of the Certification Classes?

Class attendance and participation is mandatory. Before selecting a client, make sure you can attend all classes. If an emergency arises during certification, please let you your instructor know asap and copy The Richland Group on your email. Often, if class time is missed it can be difficult to catchup.

Can I work for more than one Client?

Yes. If you can meet the minimum required service intervals for both clients, their class times do not conflict, and they aren't competitors, you can service more than one client. If you are new to the platform, we encourage you to start with one client. This will allow you to get a better understanding of what will be required. Dropping courses or not completing the first 90 days with a client is highly discouraged.

Why are Certification Courses unpaid?

As an independent contractor you are responsible for obtaining the knowledge needed to provide quality service for your client of choice. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a/another degree to qualify for a job, you simply certify for your specific client at a fraction of the cost and are able to start working immediately after successful completion of the course. Many clients have what is referred to as the "Earn While You Learn" Phase. This is where you start taking live calls during the certification period. You will be paid for the time you are taking calls.

What if the class I selected is full?

If you receive an email stating that the class is full, you will need to select a different client or wait until that client returns to the portal. Unfortunately, we do not know how soon the client will return. Enrollment is on a first come-first serve basis. We are unable to determine if you will need to retake any assessments. This varies by client.

Can I switch to a different client?

If you select a client, but have NOT made a payment for that client's certification course, you can switch to a different client. If you select a client and have already made payment but the class hasn't started, you may be able to withdraw from the course without penalty. However, your payment will not be refunded. If you have already started the course or have an active SOW Statement of Work, it will be difficult for you to switch to another client without it having a negative effect. Dropping a course or terminating an SOW before it ends is discouraged.

Can I change my Course Class time?

This varies based on availability. If you are unable to make the change on your dashboard, contact Enrollment Support via AVA-Arise Virtual Assistant. To access AVA, click on the "Online Help" or "Support" tab in the upper right corner of your Arise Dashboard. When the chat box appears, ask your question or select "None of the Above" to be linked to a live agent in Enrollment Support.

Why did the Client I wanted to service disappear from the dashboard?

Each client/company remains on the dashboard until enough agents have expressed interest. We suggest that you check the dashboard daily as a client may quickly return or you may find another opportunity of interest.


How do I obtain a military voucher?

Once you have selected a client, but BEFORE you make a payment, you can send documentation (for example: Copy of Military ID or DD214) along with your Name, CSP ID and selected client via email to If you are a spouse, you can include marriage license etc. Please obtain your voucher BEFORE making payment for a certification course. Vouchers are not issued after you have already paid. You will apply the voucher at the time of payment. Vouchers are only available for active duty members, veterans and their spouses.

How much does a military voucher cover?

The amount of your voucher will depend on the client you select. Often the voucher will cover 50% of the certification cost. Also, this voucher can only be used on your first client and is not available for any subsequent clients selected.


Where can I find Pay Rates for each client?

Once you register with The Richland Group, you will receive our pay rates for each client. If you have registered with us, but have not received this, please send us an email requesting the rates.

How often will I receive a paycheck?

We issue paychecks on the 15th and 30th of every month via direct deposit or mailed checks. Intervals serviced from the 1st of the month thru the 15th of the month are paid on the 30th of that month. Intervals serviced from the 16th of the month thru the end of the month are paid on the 15th of the following month.

Why aren't taxes taken out of my pay?

Since you are an independent contractor, we do not withhold taxes from your pay. Please consult with a tax professional to determine how much you should pay in taxes. When you join our team, we will request that you complete a W9. At the end of the year, you will receive a 1099 from us showing a total of how much you earned for the year.

How much money will I make?

Base pay ranges from $7.50-$16/hr and it depends on the client you choose. However, there are many opportunities to earn more than your base pay. Many of our clients have incentive programs and we, The Richland Group, also offer opportunities to earn more than your base pay.

Do I need to fill out Payroll Forms?

You will not receive forms from our HR Department until you are enrolled in an opportunity. After completing enrollment, you will receive a W9 Form and DD Authorization Form.